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[Conference] January 24-27, 2018
The 29th Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs will take place in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France.
[Conference] May 30th, 2017
The Frama-C/SPARK day takes place in Paris, as part of the Open Source Innovation Spring 2017.
[Award] April 24th, 2017
Mário Pereira and Raphaël Rieu-Helft receive the "Best student team" award, and Jean-Christophe Filliâtre the "Best overall team" award, at the VerifyThis@ETAPS2017 verification competition.
[Conference] January 15-21, 2017
The 44th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages takes place in Paris.
[Defense] December 13, 2016
Thesis defense of Leon Gondelman, Univ. Paris-Sud.
[Arrival] Sep 1, 2016
Florian Faissole, new PhD student, working on the ELEFFAN project.
[Arrival] June 1, 2016
Sylvain Dailler, new engineer working on the ProofInUse project.
[Award] April 6th, 2016
Martin Clochard, Léon Gondelman and Mário Pereira jointly receive the "Best student team" award of the VerifyThis@ETAPS2016 verification competition.
[Conference] November 3-6, 2015
The 17h International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods takes place in Paris.
[Defense] June 15, 2015
Thesis defense of Catherine Lelay, bat. 650, Univ. Paris-Sud.
[Award] April 16th, 2015
Jean-Christophe Filliâtre and Guillaume Melquiond receive the "Best team" award of the VerifyThis@ETAPS2015 verification competition. Why3 also receives the "Distinguished user-assistance tool feature" award.
[Workshop] March 13th, 2015
The Frama-C day takes place at CEA Nano-innov in Saclay.
[Workshop] Feb 2, 2015
The ProofInUse KickOff takes place at Hotel Montparnasse, Paris.
[Arrival] Jan. 1, 2015
David Hauzar, new engineer working on the ProofInUse project
[Arrivals] Nov. 1, 2014
Clément Fumex, new engineer working on the ProofInUse project. Jacques Charles Mbiada Ndjanda, new PhD student supervised by C. Marché and J. Signoles (CEA List)
[Seminar] Oct 7, 2014
Digiteo Seminar "Desperately Needed Remedies for the Undebuggability of Large Floating-Point Computations in Science and Engineering" by W. Kahan.
[Visit] Oct. 6-7, 2014
Visit of Prof. William Kahan, Professeur University of California at Berkeley (Turing Award 1989).
[Defense] Oct. 6, 2014
Habilitation defense of Sylvie Boldo, amphi bat. 660, Univ. Paris-Sud.
[Defense] Sep. 29, 2014
Thesis defense of Alain Mebsout, batiment 650, Univ. Paris-Sud.
[Publication] Sep. 11, 2014
New book (in French) "Apprendre à Programmer avec OCaml" written by Sylvain Conchon and Jean-Christophe Filliâtre.
[Arrival] Sep. 1, 2014
Andrew Tolmach (Portland State University, USA) starts a 1-year visitor, funded by a Digiteo Chair
[Publication] June 2014
Jean-Christophe Filliâtre, Léon Gondelman, and Andrei Paskevich. "The Spirit of Ghost Code. 26th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification.
[Defense] Jun. 13, 2014
Habilitation defense of Evelyne Contejean
[Award] June 2014
The proof assistant Coq receives the ACM Software System Award. Primary members of the Coq Development Team include Christine Paulin and Jean-Christophe Filliâtre from Toccata.
[Defense] Apr. 1, 2014
Thesis defense of Claire Dross
[Project] Jan. 2014
The "ProofInUse" project, joint between Toccata and the AdaCore company, is selected bby the "LabCom" programme of ANR.

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